Had to take a break from blogging for awhile, had some negativity around me. I didn’t want to write something I would regret later on. There is a huge emotional component to this work, both in the Indian community and the museum world. unfortunately, I was feeling negative feedback from other Indians and that was the most disheartening. No matter how many reparations you work on, how many ancestors you help bring back, there will always be those few who pick and poke at what you do, making enough noise to create problems. That is what has happened here and it has stopped progress.

So what do you do when this happens? Hammer forward, because a lot more is riding on getting the work done than collecting a paycheck or building a name for one’s self. It is about taking care of your ancestors, with respect and honor for them. It’s about keeping the old ways alive by bring home the sacred items. It is about being Anishnaabe for me. A pretty straightforward mission but at times, creates complicated scenarios due to differences in personalities and opinions. I am sure many other professions deal with the same issues, and like many other jobs, repatriation has a much bigger picture that needs to be realized.