After a week of driving around southern Michigan, the office never looked so good. Completed two repatriations and retrieved some artifacts on loan to a national park. But life is not letting up just yet. My department has TWO exhibits opening here in Emmet County, both on August 12th! Than life will settle down a bit. Some repatriations we have in the works are stalled for a multitude of reasons, both tribal and museum. These last 6 months are the most frustrating times I have had doing NAGPRA. Note to anybody working with groups; keep communication open at all times and don’t let personal feelings get in the way of the big picture, returning ancestors.

But it’s not good to dwell on the negative. We had some ancestors returned to the earth recently and that always grounds me in my purpose. More local historical groups and museums are wanting to work with my department on a multitude of projects. It is so refreshing people are actually asking the tribe “what is your history”, instead of dictating it themselves. So not much blogging, with so much work going on.