Summer is probably the worst time to get repatriation claims through. Most of the people I deal with are at universities and they are not in the office much during summer months. So, the plan is to do most of the claims during the winter, and if all goes well, travel in the summer to pick up the remains and/or items. unfortunately, there is not much traveling lately to get remains or items. Museums are still undecided on how to handle our claims, whether to honor them or simply reply to us about them. Frustrating.

But there is no shortage of work. In two weeks, we have two exhibits opening up here. One of them is at a local museum. The theme is the Odawa during the 20th century in northern Michigan. Part of the exhibit will talk about a grave item that was dug up, sold and eventually, some 60yrs later, returned to us under NAGPRA. The grave item has since been reburied, but the story of the item will live on.