Not much blogging lately, things have been ultra busy. And I thought this summer was going to be laid back! Nope. One project that just came up is the issue of a cemetery here in Emmet County. The cemetery is very historic, the site and burials pre date European arrival. A large Church is there now, along with a historic cemetery, with all Odawa buried there. The “caretaker” a summer resident, has decided to cut down a bunch of trees in the cemetery, dig a trench for cable and put in a drain field, without notifying the tribe. When I asked why he didn’t contact us (the church owns the property, but the tribe does all the grounds keeping, this caretaker only does up keep on the church itself). He replied “I didn’t think the tribe needed to know”.

All of this disturbing work and it was decided by one person we were on a need to know basis. Needless to say I was angry, frustrated and yet, not surprised. We try to protect graves from disturbance of any sort. Now we have to go to the church and figure out what is going on.