There hasn’t been much going on in the way of repatriation in the last few weeks. We have claims out, but as is the case many times, we are waiting for confirmation on these claims. Committees have to meet at museums, professors go on sabbatical and people take vacations. So we wait until they get back. There is a 90 day stipulation in NAGPRA, and once a repatriation is to occur, it is suppose to happen in the timeliest manner possible. But that’s once a museum has agreed to return something, it’s getting to that decision that takes so much time.

But there is plenty to do in the mean time. Community outreach has really taken off under my new department. Local groups, mainly non Indian, bring us in to to presentations and lectures more and more. This has alot to do with our successful repatriation program. I want to add more success to our program by having more ancestors come back, but just takes so much time! Coordinating between museums and tribes is a full time job. Sometimes tribes don’t see eye to eye on things, as well as tribes and museums. It can be a constant balancing act.