July has the potential to be the craziest month. There are repartition claims out, two museum exhibits due by August, a power point presentation for the National Park Service about Odawa trade routes in the Great Lakes  and the daily duties of my job, such as Sec. 106 replies and cemetery maintenance. I had to cancel being a camp counselor for a cultural camp in July because of this hectic work load. On the bright side, once July is done, Emmet County will have two wonderful exhibits telling the story of the Odawa here in northern Michigan and NPS will know why it is important to have the tribes at the table when discussing history in the Great Lakes.

On top of this, I just got back from 8 days of work travel, the Review Committee Meeting and the World archeological Congress. I am a tad burned out right now, hence no blogging. A long holiday week end is in order, recharge my batteries and start fresh next week.