There was a little lull in the work travel, but that’s about to end. For the next week, it’s a meeting in New York, immediately followed up by a conference in Indiana. The meeting is the NAGPRA Review Committee meeting and the conference is the World archeological Congress. These two important events slightly overlap. I am presenting at the WAC on Saturday, something I am very much looking forward to. I am talking about the negative effects archeology has had on tribes. In addition to my not so happy talk, I am fortunate enough to have two wonderful women presenting with me, about the more positive aspects of archeology and repatriation. So, we start from bad and finish on a positive note.

The Review Committee is all business. I am mid term on my appointment and it has taken me this long to feel comfortable sitting on the committee. The first meeting I was all nerves and the second wasn’t much better. The RC has taken some hits lately with a GAO audit, which doesn’t help. But I have to remember my role on the committee and that’s to represent the traditional Indians and make sure their voice is heard. So much is lost in the law aspect and the human aspect gets set aside.