The coming spring means cleaning the office! Sec. 106s pile up quickly, along with a whole slew of other paperwork. Before things get out of hand, time to organize. We have 2 museum exhibits we are working on at the moment, both in Petoskey, both due to open early August, in conjunction with our repatriation claims. One of the exhibits we are working on is LTBB Odawa during the 20th century. I am really excited about this exhibit, as it tells a little know, but very important, story about the Odawa in Northern Michigan. It centers around the struggle for the Odawa to maintain their identity and a place in Emmet County during some very tough times, both economically and socially.

One of the exhibits will deal with repatriation. The story will be about a kettle that was dug up from a Odawa grave in the 20s, sold to a museum and the kettle finally being repatriated to LTBB under NAGPRA is 2008. The story will show how Indians were openly discriminated and treated poorly, but in the end, things turned for the better and our rights were recognized.