To say things have been hectic would be an understatement. My “to do” doesn’t have enough things checked off from it, mainly putting together a claim for some sacred items at a particular museum. I am sort of leery about writing a claim for these items, due to this museum having a history of having contaminated items. We put in a request for an item some years ago from this museum and found out the item was loaded with Arsenic. The museum denied our claim but maybe it is a blessing in disguise, since we can’t handle the item anyway. So, more research has to be done for these other items and we need to find out if they are contaminated or were stored next to items that are known to be poisoned.

The gears of repatriation move slowly under 10.11 but I am happy they are moving! Museums that have never really dealt with repatriation are now mandated and it is taking time for progress. Correct information needs to be shared, who is where, what tribes were where, etc. Sometimes I have to remember not everybody knows about the Anishnaabek and the Odawa, so I have to step back and do some Great Lakes Indian history 101.