The travel has been border line crazy. Meetings, presentations, etc.  all over the state. The Michigan work has really picked up I haven’t had a full week in the office in weeks and I really need to crack down on some unfinished projects, mainly a repatriation claim that we are awaiting word on. But on the bright side, a museum we have been going back and forth with on a repatriation has agreed to schedule a teleconference. originally the museum denied our claim, but we are reopening consultations to try and resolve this without a dispute.

With memorial day coming, I had to make sure I fulfilled one of my other duties, cemetery maintenance. Other projects that are really picking up are exhibits. We have three exhibits in the works, all local. Plus the National Park Service is conducting a study on maritime cultural and historic sites on the Great Lakes. We are hoping to push through traditional Odawa trade routes on the Great Lakes. It’s a long shot, but most of the projects we have completed started out as long shots.