The public speaking has really picked up in the last year. I am getting invites from groups and people I would have never thought of. I recently did a quick welcoming/historical talk for a group of health officials on Mackinac Island for a conference. It is because people see my department doing repatriation, are interested in what that is and find out my department has cultural and historic resources to offer. I like to think part of this is creating a good karma from doing repatriation and that karma leads to new opportunities.

On a different note, I borrowed an art book from one of my co workers. The book is about 300 years of woodland indian artwork. This book is full of information about collections, mainly overseas. In addition there is information about what the items were used for, in particular, war clubs. It’s obvious what they were used for, but I am trying to construct a claim for war clubs. It’s tricky showing them as a sacred item, but that’s what they were. It’s going to be difficult getting the clubs back because they are prized possessions of museums and from what i have seen, not many have been repatriated.