I have to keep a list of all the museums I have submitted claims to, and remind myself to remind them of our claims. This is a part of the process that can be very time consuming, getting a museum to commit on a decision. It falls into the realm of consultation, and than it falls out of consultation when the museum does not respond due to it being too busy or staff turnover. We are having to deal with both at a certain museum. The curator of twenty years just left and the museum is now understaffed, with this repatriation claim sitting on the director’s desk. So now it’s time to nudge the director, remind him this claim is still out and an answer is needed. If more consultation is needed, great, we can do that.

But on the other hand, we just had a notice published for some unassociated funerary objects affiliated to LTBB Odawa. In 30 days, I can do down and retrieve these items, bring them back home and rebury them. This comes at a really good time, with the weather permitting outdoor work and something coming back! We have multiple claims out now, and it’s always nice to have one of them come to an end.