So it’s right back to basics, waiting for a summary from a museum. Always the basics. We repatriated some human remains from this museum two years ago, but we never got to the sacred items, or potentially sacred items. I know this museum has some goods, because I see many of their items in art books. Like everybody else, one person is doing 20 different tasks, so I understand if it takes time for the summary to get to me, but waiting months on end is not acceptable.

It feels weird to not write repatriation claims for human remains anymore. I like it, because I know 10.11 will ultimately bring remains back, but writing affiliation claims has been such a big part of my job the last 4 years. I have gone over and over the remaining inventories, trying to see if affiliation could be given, but no such luck. Our last two affiliation claims for remains went sideways on us. One, the museum denied it and immediately filed under 10.11 (the museum didn’t want to affiliate but 10.11 is okay with them, I don’t agree but what ever works). Second, a museum affiliated to us but some other tribes in Michigan felt they were affiliated to and held up the process so badly we had to go 10.11, eliminating any affiliation. I did not agree what so ever with one of these tribes being affiliated to this area, so instead of going back and forth, deciding on affiliation, wen went 10.11 and nobody was affiliated So 10.11 it is.