We got denied for a repatriation claim for an item we at LTBB feel is a sacred item. The museum we submitted the claim to though otherwise and denied our claim. We were going to dispute this, but some other things got in the way and we ended up tabling the dispute until later (we were suppose to present this dispute at the last Review Committee).  Now, after having time to review this, we are trying to work with the museum on not having a dispute go forward and resolving this by other means. A teleconference is in the works with the museum, and hopefully we can all look at this situation with fresh eyes and a calmer demeanor.

In the mean time, what other repatriation activities do we have going on? 3 10.11 requests in the works, a federal register notice waiting to be published, a possible international repatriation (Canada), a repatriation manual to finish and awaiting summaries from a couple other museums. It’s key to keep  pushing on the summaries, museums, sometimes,  have a tendency to put off sending them. Sometimes they send them in a week. Every museum will get its weekly reminder for what ever task we are working together on.