One of our requests for remains is moving right along. The museum is very active in consultation and seems to want to make this repatriation happen. Tribes are being consulted on and we are finding which tribes will be included on the federal register notice. Since I work with all these tribes, I am helping with the consultation end of things. If all goes well, we will have a notice published this summer, which means being able to pick up the remains this fall. The museum is on the east coast, so this creates another circumstance we have to navigate.

 I haven’t done much with the “graves protection” aspect of NAGPRA, due to LTBB Odawa having limited land and no federal lands close by. I did help organize one request under 10.11 with a National Park last year, but that’s it. But that doesn’t mean some work can’t be done to protect graves. I am presenting to the county here next week, along with a bunch of contractors, on the state of Michigan’s burial and historic site laws. So many graves have been disturbed due to construction. This bull shit has to stop. Contractors have had a free reign for years, totally disregarding all manner of burial, Indian and probably non-Indian. If remains are found on private property, the land owner at least has to notify the local sheriff.