One museum had a big turnover in staff recently, resulting in the new staff and our tribe needing to be acquainted with each other. When staff leave, either at the museum end or tribal, you hope the documents and records stay at the office. It really is frustrating when records walk off with staff, meaning things start from scratch. But this museum, luckily, did not have this problem. Once the new staff was settled in, for a week or two at least, I contacted them, to introduce myself and compare inventories. We are matching our inventories to what National NAGPRA has, and between the three, we will catch any discrepancies. So far, found a couple. These discrepancies could mean ancestors not accounted for, which is never a good thing. We need all of them back home.

In addition to this museum, we are working with another with whom we have a claim in. I check in with this museum every other week to see how things are going. At first, I thought I was being a pain in the ass, but the museums actually said they liked having reminders to keep them on task. So, reminders they will get, to keep the repatriation moving along.