Tomorrow I hit the road to present at a conference at Colgate university in New York. I’m speaking on “what makes an item sacred”. It is going to be hard to condense this topic into half an hour. So what do you do when you have a deep topic and limited time? Talk from experience, hit home with the information that is going to make the greatest impact. And with this discussion, it is not only what makes an item sacred, but that also ties into why it is needed by the tribe. Now you entering into faith, religion, spirituality, human rights, etc. And when this done, you enter into a whole new train of thought.

I am excited for this conference, it’s the first trip of the new year and after battling cabin fever all winter in Northern Michigan, I am ready to go. Plus, people in the academic field should, wait, need to hear from the people who are actually part of NAGPRA, be it tribes, the program or other museums who repatriate. These issues are so personal and so profound, sometimes you need to hear from the people.