This may sound nerdy, but it’s hard to keep on task when I get a new book, article or in this case, dissertation. I want to stop everything, grab a cup of coffee, sit down and read.  I am back to working on the repatriation manual, the federal notice chapter. This mandatory requirement for a repatriation under NAGPRA is the responsibility of the museum or federal agency, but tribes can help by providing information. The quicker a notice is published, the quicker something can be physically transferred. While in the middle of working on this chapter, this huge dissertation is emailed to me. I printed it off right away, it is all about the Odawa and Ojibway trade routes and subsistence patterns in the upper Great Lakes. This will help in a plethora of projects, including repatriations. Some museums rely heavily on written evidence. I don’t always agree with this approach, but if the scholarship is there to support our argument, by all means we will use it.

But I am anxious to get in the field. Take care of our cemeteries, travel to conferences and pay visits to museums. Museums with our stuff just keep popping up. Request inventories and summaries from every museum possible, you never know what is going to turn up.