The issue of getting summaries and inventories is always one of the most important aspects of working in repatriation. There are hundreds of museums and agencies across the country that have summaries, but how many actually have items that pertain to LTBB Odawa? Hard to say, but the strategy I use is to start locally and go from there. One museum just submitted it’s inventory, from Wisconsin. Our tribe ventured into Wisconsin, so it makes sense to check with all the museums in Wisconsin to see what they have. Low and behold, this museum has items from our area in Michigan.

It is normal for an inventory to have some “mystery”. That mystery is the possible affiliation of some items. Some items don’t have much information. We know what the items are, but dont know where they are from. By comparing these unknown items to items with provenance and affiliation, we may be able to affiliate the mystery items. It’s been done before, so I feel comfortable we can do it again.