The last couple of days have been super quiet and dedicated toward writing a report about the Indian involvement in the War of 1812. I am preparing this report as part of a State Commission to celebrate the 200yr anniversary of this war, which had considerable Indian fighting in it. It has been a very enjoyable project, and a great learning experience as well. My boss is gone on vacation, so repatriation claims are on hold for a spell. Plus, I have to get this report done in a few weeks for the other commissioners, so they have an understanding of what the Indians were doing during the war.

After reading about some of the battles, I wonder “what happened to all the bodies?” I guess it’s the repatriation work kicking in. I am reading about thousands of people dying, in a war that is largely forgotten. Did the burial sites of these people turn into Wal-marts and parking lots? Were the remains disregarded and used as fill? Did some of these remains end up in museums and were later repatriated? Or, are these sites protected or still secret? I guess I’ll never know for all of them, but I am interested in visiting some of these battle sites. Some are national parks, such as the River Raisin and Fallen Timbers, but many are lost.