After getting some requests out under 10.11, it becomes a matter waiting. There is no time limit for a museum to contact other tribes about remains being requested, so it takes some patience for the process to start. Some good news, a museum we are working with got back to me today, stating they have sent out the first round of invitations for consultation, with 40 different tribes. Granted, the majority of these tribes won’t get back to the museum. They are out of state and are handling their own repatriation issues. All the other tribes I have been in contact with who are out of state appreciate the notification, but feel comfortable having the Michigan tribes handle the Michigan repatriations. It’s so helpful when there is that mutual respect and willingness to let the work happen.

This museum seems to be clicking right along. A different museum we sent a request out just confirmed they received our request. After 3 weeks. I guess that’s the first step. The request got sent to a different location on campus, now the professor is on spring break, so we have to until he gets back. This is why we try to get as many requests out as possible, because some museums always operate faster than others.