I had an unexpected amount of accumulation in my office this winter. Documents, by th boxes, were donated, along with articles and books. As the piles began to pile up, I had stop the madness and start organizing. One box of documents was given to our department regarding Indians in Michigan around the late 1700s. Low and behold, I copied this documents 14yrs ago while working for a researching company. The documents were in the orignal box, sealed up, from the time we copied them. I opened the box today and instantly remembered many mind numb hours behind a copy machine. Now, these documents are going to help with my report about the War of 1812 and how important Indian involvement was in that war.

It’s a good thing to have other projects, because repatriations tend to have down time. We submitted three requests for remains under 10.11. Now those three museums are starting to consult with other tribes. This will take months. Some museums are more methodical than others, and we have to send “reminders” to keep the pace going. As of right now, no where in the regulations does it state a museum has a time frame to work within. This can be a problem.