Some days are spent on sec. 106 reviews, which was today. Once we receive a sec.106, we have 30 days to respond to a construction project to notify the appropriate groups if we have any burial or historic sites at the construction site. Even if a site is many miles from our reservation, we let the company building know, if any remains are found, and no other tribe is willing to assist, we will. We are Odawa, but we are also Anishnaabek, and the Anishnaabek were all over Michigan.

On top of sec. 106 replies, it has been meeting after meeting. Our department is helping the youth program in pursuing a grant to host 4 cultural camps for youth. If all goes well, we would be providing information and assistance for these camps, with activities ranging from berry picking to making maple sugar. From March 14-16, we are collaborating with Emmet County on a three part historical lecture series. Presenters from several different fields will be presenting, each on a specific time period. Nothing too in depth, we just want to bring some awareness to the general public about the rich history of Emmet county. Repatriation will fit into my talk in several ways, primarily about pre contact history, how our oral traditions as Anishnaabek are the drive to pursue thousand year old remains. We hope the people attending the talks not only have a deeper understanding of the tribe here, but foster greater respect for the area as well.