I had to figure exactly how many repatriations I’ve worked since  LTBB Odawa hired me in 2007. This is why I like federal register notices, they are the official record and they are easy to access. In the last 3 years the total is 27 notices, which translates into 27 successful repatriations. 11 have been joint claims with the other tribes in Michigan, as requests for dispositions before the Review Committee. I wrote all the reports for these dispositions, presented before the Review Committee on the majority of them, consulted, as well as coordinate between tribes, National NAGPRA and museums, so I’m counting them. 16 notices are affiliation claims to LTBB Odawa. That totals approximately 400 individuals, a large village! I didn’t rebury all these, other tribes helped out, but I have reburied some. I try to make the reburial ceremonies for these joint claims, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to make all of them. But that’s okay, I did what I could to help and that will do.

Since NAGPRA has been enacted, there has been 40 notices published in Michigan. LTBB has been involved in 66% of these notices. Our average, since 2007, has been 9 notices per year. We have “slacked off” in the last year, so it’s time to bring our average back up, by getting more claims out, keep the process going forward and making it happen.