Claims done, all I need to do is copy the references I cited and send them out. I’m glad I had a few slower days to get these claims knocked out, because today was booked with coordinating some events we have going on up here. One such event is a a series of historical lectures here in Emmet County next month. It’s pretty much a lock now and I will post on the dates and times.

Besides the historical talks here next month, I got 3 other presentations/meetings out of state.Travel can get pretty crazy at times, but when the opportunity knocks you have to take advantage of it. I am very fortunate to be invited to speak regarding NAGPRA and give an Anishnaabe point of view on things. If any of my experiences can help another tribe or museum with repatriation, than I’m happy to share. I had lots of help when I first started out and I still seek help. Repatriation is truly a group effort.