More time spent actually writing claims! These objects LTBB is pursuing are all at the same museum, which makes things easier. Over two years ago I mentioned to this museum we were gearing up for a series of claims for items in their control. Other issues, such as returning remains, came up and we at LTBB didn’t get this claims out. Now, it’s time to get cracking on this and get these claims in the hands of the museum. It’s really gratifying writing the claims, putting in the work of doing the research, blending the literature and oral traditions to make the strongest argument the items need to come back. I try to improve with each claim I write. Sure, a claim may have worked before, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved.

Will these claims be successful? I have the utmost faith they will. But I’ve had claims I’ve written denied, so I have to prepare for that possibility. Having open communications with the museum is key. If a museum has questions, I encourage them to pick up the phone and give me a call, anytime. It’s not a matter of sending out a claim and no communication until the museum makes a decision.