I recently had to take a break for a few days. Batteries needed recharging. Needed to cool down. Repatriation can be awfully damn draining, emotionally and mentally. You know you need a break when your boss tells you to take one. But that is part of what makes a succesful repatriation program, having your team behind you. My boss is very supportive of repatriation and having the ancestors come home. A burned out Eric is a non productive Eric.

So after resting up, it’s back in the game. My work is now broken into repatriations and non-repatriation, which is stuff like presentations, working with other historical groups, the state, county, etc. These are a nice change of pace. We are collaborating with Emmet County on a three part lecture series on the history of Emmet County this March. Repatriation will be discussed, on why it’s important to the tribe and the long history of the tribe in Emmet county which makes the tribe so committed to having people returned. Any opportunity to educate the greater public is always utilized.