One part of repatriation that I feel is not taken into account is the emotional drain that can occur. One can work on a repatriation for years, and in a moment, things can go south. A tribe can put in a counter claim, museum staff can change or momentum can simply die out. When a claim does begin to go south, it’s imperative to keep focused and keep positive. We are doing that right now, keeping momentum going on a claim that is starting to stall. I don’t want to go into details, but the main point is we are keeping positive and moving forward. If we don’t, nothing comes home.

What I personally do to burn stress and keep focused is exercise, alot. Also, relying on ceremonies to keep focused and seek guidance. It’s almost impossible to not take work home, so to minimize stress spill over from work, I rely on family and friends to get my mind off of what is bothering me. But once you have one successful repatriation, it feeds the desire to bring back more ancestors.