For a Monday, today was abnormally busy. I am working with an attorney to help develop a joint request for the tribes in Michigan under 10.11. This attorney works for free for our group of NAGPRA designees and our big project is this big request, for over 1,000 individuals. So we want our request to be tight from the get go. I put together the inventory of individuals and their funerary objects. It took almost all day, but it was gratifying putting this piece together. Each site listed, I saw more Anisnaabek ready to come home. This step is mundane, but mandatory.

With the complete list of individuals and the treaty of 1836, we are ready to submit. Support letters from the tribes will be gathered as we go along, but the important thing is getting the request into the museum. This triggers everything, having the request under 10.11 in. It will take over a year for the repatriation to actually happen, which is some time, but it will take even longer if the request never get submitted. Submit the request, go forward.