Sometimes one of the hardest aspects of my job is patience and working with the many different personalities,both from tribes and museums. It’s imperative to not let an individual’s negative behavior and attitude impede progress. I’ve had some museum staff be almost impossible to work with. Tribes also. In the last few years, a few Indians from Michigan have voiced their disapproval of my work. It’s discouraging to have your tribe criticize you, but whatever, it’s only a couple individuals with their opinion. I bet many other repatriation workers, including museum staff, have dealt with negative individuals, from both tribes and museums. The key is to work past negative situations, no matter what they are.

So this post is more of a personal note, some of background about doing repatriation and the necessity of keeping focused and positive. The over whelming vast majority of Indians in the Great Lakes have been very supportive. I guess it’s natural to have a few nay sayers.