One email sent me my whole day in single direction and that direction was in researching the War of 1812. This is sometimes called “the forgotten war” or “america’s second war for independence”. I think of it as the Great Lakes Indians last military campaign to fight for their homelands. I currently sit on a commission to help promote and celebrate the 200yr anniversary of this war. My main focus is to present information on why so many Indians were involved and to give an Indian perspective on what happened and why.

But in order to make history interesting, you need characters and we have some indeed. Tecumseh is the most well known of all Indians from this war and for good reason. But we at Little Traverse had some influential warriors play their part also. The Trout and Assiginack, men from right here in Emmet County, leading warriors against the Americans. Main Poc, the brutal Potawatomi war chief from Illinois, who was seen, by many, as the second most influential Indian at the time, behind Tecumseh himself. I did manage to consult with a museum about an upcoming request for remains and explain why a certain object is indeed sacred.