As I was writing on the repatriation manual, I have to remind myself of when I first started out and the issues I had to deal with (some of which I still deal with). The first thing a tribe must have for reburials, is well, land to actually rebury. This basic requirement is many times overlooked, but it can be a major issue with a tribe. Land is always a issue with any tribe, whether it be for gaming, hunting, fishing or reburying. Ask any tribe if it needs more land and I guarantee that tribe will say yes, for a whole list of reasons.

Another issue in regards to resources is having the funds to pick up items or remains once a repatriation is complete. Many remains and items for a tribe are scattered across the country. Some tribes have to travel literally thousands of miles to retrieve remains and items. Imagine if your tribe is from Alaska and a museum in Florida has your stuff! When a repatriation program really gets moving along, and stuff is ready to come back, a tribe must prioritize what will be picked up in person and possibly, what will be sent via mail. Grants are available through National NAGPRA, which are a huge help for many tribes.