Sometimes when a project for work gets rolling, it creates its own momentum and spreads. Right now, Indian involvement in the civil war seems to be our vibe right now. After going to Petersburg last month, two separate groups have contacted me about doing presentations regarding Odawa involvement in the civil war. Both of these groups are local and both did not know anything about me going to a national park to consult about Michigan Indians fighting. I really like when we are able to do multiple projects, around the same time, on the same topic.

I have one presentation next Monday, then another in April, on the civil war. There is so much interest about Indians in this war, and for good reason. I have seen the graves of some of these Odawa civil war vets here in northern Michigan. After learning more about the war and being involved in work that celebrates these men, I feel more reverence when I am at these cemeteries. This work is not repatriation, but it is honoring the dead.