As everyone prepares for 2011, one resolution I am making is to NOT commit to so many different projects. This past fall was almost too much and I feel like I was about to blow a gasket a few times. Fall and Spring are time for ceremonies and those take priority. NAGPRA ties into all my ceremonial activities and if I neglect the ceremonial aspect, the work will falter, as will other things. So, make sure business is taken care of and everything will fall into place. I feel the implementing ceremony into work makes things happen in a postiive way.

So I as tell myself to not over commit, two big projects are already on tap for the spring, to go with the Review committee meetings. One local and one out of the state. The local presentations are really enjoyable, it educates people here about who the tribe is and what we have gone through to be here, and yes, we still are here and no, we don’t live in teepees and have huge head dresses. 2011 will see the repatriation manual done and our first repatriation of remains under 10.11. 2011 is shaping up quite nicely.