One of the cool things about my job is the flexibility. Once I have the proper inventories and/or summaries, I can begin research for a claim. When going through summaries and identifying sacred objects, the first thing I draw upon is my experience. Some items have never had anything written about them. Just because an anthropologist never wrote about a ceremony or item doesn’t mean the item is not a true ceremonial object. It helps when there is documentation to support a claim, use everything that helps.

During this time of year is when I go over summaries alot. Nobody is at work anyway, everybody is using vacation time! I accept nobody will be in touch until after the new year and that’s okay, because there is so much that can be done with the basics and having the flexibility to go over the basics. When i say the basics, things like reviewing summaries, inventories, researching books to support claims and the old stand by, which is sending reminders to museums. Reminding them about a summary request, reminding them about 10.11 and up dated inventories. Half of getting stuff done is to keep reminding.