Most of my days now are concentrated on writing. I have a few requests ready to go out (just waiting for proper authorization) and work on the manual. The repatriation manual is one of my priorities this winter, and I keep having to tell myself “keep it simple, make it so somebody new to NAGPRA can pick it up and make claims” I will test chapters out here and there on my co-workers and get feed back.

As I was writing toady, a person came into our office. This person was looking to sell items to our department. This happens at least once a month. I wish I was independently wealthy and I would just buy everything and donate it. But, I’m not, and our department does not purchase items. We take donations though and sometimes people do donate. It’s tough, seeing so many historical and sometimes, sacred items, just waiting to go back, but money is the factor. Many items were sold in our community during the depression era. Now some of these items are trying to make their way back home.