I feel like there is this never ending saga with one museum we are working with. The museum can’t decide if the AFOs originally found with remains repatriated to us last year are actually AFO or UFO, which is what they claim now. It’s so frustrating going back and forth, battling over a few simple things. There is the spirit of the law and the letter of the law. Some museums, you practically have to force each step to meet the letter of the law. I have my copies of the law, the regulations and 10.11, the new regulations, sitting on my desk, for quick reference, just in case conversations with museums start to get strained, we can always look to what the law says, and try to work with that.

I have a map on the wall of my office, with pins indicating everywhere we’ve gotten remains and items back from. Drives to Nebraska, flights to New Jersey and lots of trips in Michigan. I hope to get out to California next year, along with a few more trips to the east coast, for repatriations. Grants will be pursued for the majority of these. Some items have been sent in the mail, we just don’t have the funds to personally retrieve every item. Remains and funerary objects we always pick up in person.