Finally got some writing done for the manual. I have to remember to keep this repatriation manual simple, get to the point and make it both tribes and museums can benefit from it. It’s geared more towards tribes, but I think museums can find it handy as well. Writing is a funny thing, I look back at draft chapters I did a few months ago, and looking over them again, I feel like rewriting them. I’m not rewriting everything, but tweaking it. I’m always learning new things, and these new lessons are going into the manual. What ever I’m writing about in the manual, I try to have some experience with that topic.

It feels weird not having to go somewhere. The travel this year has been crazy, but all the trips were needed and productive. Sitting in my office, with no travel until the spring, it’s taken a few days to get comfortable with the fact I’m not going anywhere, and that’s a good thing. Besides needing to write, this winter has been bad for travel. It’s a 5 mile radius from my house, to my office, gym and grocery store, that’s pretty much my life until March.