The weather in northern Michigan has gotten very cold and snowy, very fast. As I sit here blogging, in my warm house, it makes me think of all the ancestors that have been reburied and all the ones awaiting reburial. The Anishnaabek living in the Great Lakes 400yrs ago, 1,000yrs ago, the ones represented by the CUI sitting in the many museums across the country, dealt with the same brutal conditions, only in much tougher living conditions. It was routine for people, living so long ago, to die of exposure to the elements, or die of starvation during the long, hard winter months, due to game being scarce. How many of these ancestors suffered these fates? How many endured these long winters to carry on the traditions and blood line? The answer, they all did, and it’s more reason to treat them with respect.

So during these winter months as I concentrate on writing claims, I think about the hard winters and what my ancestors were going through, many years ago. It’s sort of ironic, now, as winter settles in, I’m trying to get the remains outside, where they belong, while during their lifetimes, these ancestors would be fighting to be inside during this time of year.