Still down in Virginia, consulting with the National Park here, Petersburg National Battlefield. It was quite the experience to stand where my ancestors fought the Confederates, and to stand where some died. Many are buried down here, but unfortunately many are unknown graves, which constitute the majority of graves at Poplar Grove cemetery. I don’t really dig being at locations where so many people died a violent death. It just has an unsettling feeling to me.

But the purpose of me being down here is to provide input about the Indians from Michigan who fought in this horrific battle. The park is looking to expand and that means telling more of the whole story. It’s great the park is looking towards the tribe to provide information about the Indians! It seems like a no brainer one would ask the appropriate tribe about Indian issues, but this has definitely NOT been the case for many years, with museums, parks, universities, etc. Sometimes people are amazed there are Indians still left. Guess what, there are Indians, they are unique and they have their own story to tell.