So I’m hitting the road again, this time to Virginia. A civil war cemetery, which is a national park, has some Odawa from Michigan buried there. These Odawa were part of company K, an all Indian sharpshooter unit that fought for the Union. These company K soldiers are buried throughout the country and it’s exciting finding where more are located. Other tribes from Michigan will be consulting with the park/cemetery. These non repatriation projects are a nice change of pace, something not so intense and emotionally draining.

The cemetery is getting a major overhaul, lots of improvements. With input from the tribes, we are hoping the new renovations will include some type of memorial for the company K warriors. I always tout my Odawa warrior ancestors and it’s a privilege to work to honor these men. In a sense, this is related to NAGPRA, since it’s grave protection. But more work needs to be done to protect graves that aren’t national historic sites.