I’ve literally been sleeping since I got back from D.C. I underestimated how tiresome the symposium and review committee meeting back to back was going to be. The timing of having Thanksgiving the following week and having time off is perfect. I went into the office Monday and Tuesday, than took the rest of the week off. We have a pressing issue with a federal register notice, another tribe may put in a competing claim, but hopefully we resolve this in a manner that is reasobable to everyone involved.

The symposium, NAGPRA at 20yrs, was overall, in my opinion, a great success. We had so many people with positive experiences, sharing what they did to get results. I was bummed the session I chaired, Graves Protection, had only a dozen participants. Forty originally signed up, but I don’t know what happened to them. But, one of the presenters for the Graves Protection panel, a group of law students, have been putting together burial laws, state by state. This has the potential to be a great help to anybody looking to protect graves.

There was an issue with time, we didn’t have enough! There were so many stories, so many people sharing, it was difficult keeping everybody to 15mins. No major blowups, no heated debates and no meltdowns. This says alot, because these are emotionally charged issues and topics. But people are trying to move forward, and that is what we need for the future.