I will write more about how NAGPRA at 2oyrs went and about the Review Committee meeting this past week, but I will do that when I fully recover from a full throttle week of NAGPRA. Just doing either the conference or the Review Committee meeting would have been fine, but both back to back has officially kicked my butt. It was a mix of emotional and mental stress, on a level I haven’t had to deal with in a very long time. It was a very high energy week, seeing many people I have worked with in the past 4yrs, as well as talking shop. Always working!

I am taking a few days off this upcoming week to jump start my brain and not think about NAGPRA too much. Reply to some emails, that’s about it. I am happy I had this experience, I learned alot this past week. The most important thing I learned was to never stop being Indian, no matter who says what, never stop fighting for your people and always strive to do better. I get tired of hearing the academics talk, the lawyers talk. Let’s talk about what we can do make it happen, now.