There has been quite a bit of change in my work lately. First, I had to move my entire office into another office. Now, I am the NAGPRA rep for LTBB. This happened this week, which will effect my work, but not in a negative way. I can sign off on claims now, along with requests under 10.11. I wrote all the previous claims as an assistant, so that aspect of my work does not change. More mail and information will get directed to my office, and I am looking forward to finding and working on new projects.

Speaking of projects, something that I’ve gotten away from in the last few months is researching and writing claims. With all the change, some claims had to be put on hold. The key is to revive these claims and push them forward again. Many times, a claim will stall out, due to change. People changing jobs, job titles changing, tribal administration changing, etc. As I have stated before, I am fortunate to work for a tribe, even through times of change, has kept repatriation going.