It’s now less than two weeks until the big NAGPRA week in D.C. All of the slots for the symposium are filled (a good sing), with plenty of worthwhile and informative sessions. unfortunately, some of the sessions are occuring at the same time as others, so one has to pick and choose which ones they want to attend. I am presenting on one panel, along with a museum I have worked with on a disposition for CUI remains. The relationship with this museum has been good from the start and I am glad to be able to share our story of accomplishing a wonderful tasking, returning some people back to the earth.

I will try and attend as many other sessions as possible, but I will probably be helping out, along with the other planning committee members. It’s going to be alot crammed into two days, but I am getting excited for the event. There are going to be many great experiences shared and I hope others in attendance will walk away with a better understanding of why NAGPRA is needed and how it can work.