November is shaping up to be one hectic month! Ceremonies, Review Committee meetings, NAGPRA at 20 and sometime in the near future, a repatriation for remains. I never thought I would say this, but I am looking forward to winter when things slow down some. The majority of this winter will be focused on writing. Writing for the repatriation manual and writing claims and requests. In addition to this, my department merged with others at LTBB Odawa and part of this merger meant I had to physically move into another office. I welcome the change, it gives me a chance to get better organized, and I get a window! Now I can watch the snow pile up.

People ask me what I will do if all the remains and items are returned. But that day is still a long way off. There are hundreds of objects in museums in the United States, along with thousands of remains. It’s nice to think there is an “light at the end of the tunnel” but that light is along ways off, but with each repatriation, the light grows closer.