I directly went from ceremonies to consulting with a large museum in Michigan, all in the span of a day. It was a bit sur real to be in the woods, to being in a museum atmosphere. The consultations went well, new items were identified as AFOs and will be included in our request. In the future, consultations will be had to help determine what are potentially sacred items. But first things first, and that is the repatriation of the remains. Even AFOs had to be re examined. What the museum originally thought were neither  AFOs or sacred objects turned out to be both. And this only could be achieved by having some one from the tribes actually examine the collections and see first hand. Many items fall through the cracks, because museums make the determination, on their own, of what should go on a summary.

So it’s a few more days here, meeting and talking with the appropriate people, making sure things are moving along and taking the next steps towards actual repatriation. It is grueling at times, making the trips, attending the meetings, but from previous experience, the face to face meetings are very beneficial.