I had a few weeks home to catch up on some work around the office, but alas, it will soon be time to hit the road, to put in the work needed hopefully complete another repatriation. I love this time of year in n. Michigan, it’s hunting season, a favorite, but priority taking care of the ancestors. That means getting the travel in before winter fully settles in and makes traveling too unpredictable and sometimes, dangerous. I head out next week on a 5hr drive south of us to consult with a museum that we have been working with for over 3yrs. Claims sometimes take a winding road to be succesful, such as this one. Some dispositions have turned to requests under 10.11, some claims the same route. In the end, in my opinion, as long as the remains go home, it doesn’t matter which route they take.

Next week, consulting with the museum, followed by the Review committee/NAGPRA at 20yrs event, followed by a consultation in Virginia about Odawa civil war veterans buried down there, and a repatriation for some remains sometime before the end of December. Busy but all productive trips.  This winter, I am going to dedicate much time on working on requests under 10.11.