This week has been a huge change in my office. My department merged with three other departments and I have a new director, along with physically moving to a different office. Until I get settled again, I can’t write claims, requests or any other serious repatriation work. My review committee duties will be taking center stage in the next month, and the majority of that work is reading, lots and lots of reading. But until I actually am settled into my new office, no new research will be started. It’s a chore packing everything up and moving!

I am utilizing this opportunity to organize my office better and get rid of records that no longer apply, such as Section 106 replies that are over 3yrs old. With the restructuring of departments at LTBB Odawa, it is comforting to see the tribe take NAGPRA seriously and keep my department. So many times, when restructuring occurs, cultural programs take a hit. Not so this time around here, once the physical changes are addressed, it’s business as usual.