After a week of ceremonies, it’s time to get back to my “other” work, NAGPRA work. The break from work came at a good time, to recharge my batteries and get focused back on writing claims, requests and get my brain wrapped back around NAGPRA. The community support that is received at cultural functions and community gatherings is a huge help. With out community buy in and support for repatriations, I don’t see any work getting done.

So once I get recuperated from ceremonies, it’s back to the office to get back at it. First things will be to take care of Sec. 106 replies and work on requests under 10.11. Since the work week will be short by the time I get back in the office, I will get re acquinted with all the museums and where things stand. Claims can take a year or two, and with multiple claims and requests in the works, it becomes important to periodically double check where things are.